No matter your circumstances, chances are you weren’t expecting this. Being shut down, locked in, or on pause. Things are going to be very different on the other side of this thing, and we want to be remembered by the way we responded.

I want to help. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make ventilators, or masks. But I do know how to help businesses get their marketing in order. And this could be a perfect time for you to start taking digital marketing seriously, or even start a new online version of your business.

I challenge you to spend the next 60 days exploring different ways that your team can engage your customers. I challenge you to dig into measurement, and funnels, and automation, and the web. I challenge you to put the old way of doing things in the past. I’ll be right here along side you. Welcome to the 60 Day Marketing Challenge.

– James & Friends

This could be the perfect time to dive in, and better understand all the levers at your reach to move the needle for marketing. One of the first will be how we tell the story.
Branding Beyond the Logo
Now more than ever, your story drives traffic, interest, views, excitement, and yes, even leads.
Testing & Validation
Acquiring the proper data before diving into a marketing or technology initiative is crucial.
Content is King
With your messaging and look & feel in place, we can develop content to help make you the thought leader.
The Wonderful Worldwide Web
Today, your digital marketing initiative is going to live on a digital platform. We’ll walk through some popular tools, but also the framework they’re built on.
The List
They say a good list will lead to a good campaign. A bad list? Let’s avoid that. Dive into how to set up your list, how to set up a system that organizes it, and how you reach out to a new list – especially through email.
Social Media
It’s unavoidable today – you have to take your social presence seriously. We dive into the best practices to carry your brand voice to the world.
Paid Spend
There are many areas where you can spend money to drive traffic. How do you know which one is going to be the most effective?
You can’t change what you can’t measure. We’ll talk about the key metrics that you want to watch in your digital marketing process, and how to set the proper alerts to see them quickly.
Levers, Gauges, and Strategy
There are an infinite amount of different tactics that you can take with your marketing, and we’re going to look at some sample campaigns to get your brainstorm going.

Your Instructor

James is the CEO of Figmints Digital Creative Marketing, where he leads a full stack team to help develop brand stories, interactive solutions, and growth marketing strategies for companies looking to scale. James has started nine companies, and has been an investor/advisor for another five. He has degrees in Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Theology.

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